Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★

A hell of an entertaining movie. Lately I've been real close to giving up on comic book movies, with all the lazy generic plots to save the world from some stupid villain and half the world blowing up along the way. While this does follow the standard beats of an origin story, the visuals really push the envelope. When the movie's firing on all cylinders, it feels like a crazy acid trip.

Like most the Marvel movies that have come before it, the generic "Disneyfication" that typically happens is present as well. There's a useless love interest, corny dialogue, and just a generally safe feel to the movie. There aren't many chances taken along the way, but the cast and the unique visuals more than make up for it. Benedict Cumberbatch plays a refreshingly narcissistic, asshole-ish main character while avoiding the beats established with Robert Downey Jr.'s endearing asshole Tony Stark. The writing gives Batch's character some strangely comic moments to add an unneeded levity, but otherwise he's cast great in the role.

In the end I'm still pretty damn tired of generic comic book movies coming out every other week, but I don't mind as much when they've got something unique going for them, like Dr. Strange.

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