Dolemite Is My Name

Murphy and Snipes are great. Lots of LOL moments and the premiere scene was moving for me. I'm a big fan of the original films so this was especially fun for me as a genre film geek. But being close to the originals also made it harder for me to accept the many artistic liberties taken. Although the film is about the making of Dolemite (1975), most of the iconic scenes that we see being shot in the film are from the two sequels... The Human Tornado (1976) and Disco Godfather (1979). But I don't think writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski ever intended for this to be a 100% accurate bio pic... like their other works Ed Wood, The People vs. Larry Flynt, etc.... these films are more about the passion and triumphs of their subjects than historical accuracy.

Watched on Netflix.