Under the Silver Lake

Under the Silver Lake

One of the best films of the year. It's bold, fun, funny and truly beautiful. The framing, lighting and production design are so wonderful that it kills me that they didn't shoot film. (Hopefully Mitchell does on his next.) And it deserved a much better and wider release although I understand the length would hurt with mainstream audiences.

Great performances by Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough, Jeremy Bobb, Riki Lindhome and Grace Van Patten.

It's a real love letter to Hollywood and I love that about it.

From IMDB: The scenes with actress Riley Keough in the swimming pool are almost exact recreations of scenes from Marilyn Monroe's last film, Something's Got to Give (1962), which was never completed due to her sudden unexpected death.


When Sam watches his neighbours with binoculars, a cigarette and the phone in his hand, he is in the same position as Jeff in Rear Window.

Saw this on the big screen at the Los Feliz 3 in Los Angeles.