Underworld: Awakening ★★★★

Action of Underworld Awakening
In Underworld Awakening, the vampire warrior Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is fighting for the fourth time - and this time the future of our world is at stake. Selene lay, trapped and well guarded, in a comatose sleep for many years. When she awakes, she learns that she has a 14-year-old daughter who is half vampire and half lycan. Selene has to find Michael (Scott Speedman). But she does not recognize the world again - now humans are the biggest enemies of the vampires. Since humanity learned of the existence of vampires and lycans, it has only one purpose: the total extinction of both species. Selene and her family have to try everything to prevent that from happening. Their biggest opponent is the BioCom company, which wants to create super-lycans that would destroy the world as we know it.
Gothic opera that breaks new ground in monochrome highly stylized images. Underworld Awekening the 4 ,. Part of the Underworld series is now even more on action sets than its predecessors as in Underworld Part 1, a story and intrigue-heavy story were the linchpin of the event. I like it. I think that history is the most important thing in a movie. But there are exceptions. Who Kate Beckinsale fights as Selene against an oversized werewolf has something and if I'm completely honest. I like the 4th part of the Underworld series as much as I did Underworld 3 - a revolt of the Lycans in which Rhona Mitra soon took on the role of Selene because Kate Beckinsale was prevented. I both like the role very well but I do not understand why Rhona Mitra nict was previously booked for the role in Tomb Raider, which she was the first cosplayer of the video game icon.