I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

Scavenger Hunt 65
Day 23: Watch a film where the lead actor is also credited as a producer.
Going into this, I knew the bare minimum about Tonya Harding. This movie just looked interesting, so I wanted to watch it. I got to say I'm impressed. The performances in this movie were top-notch. Margot Robbie kills it as Tonya Harding. There were also amazing performances by the supporting characters. The standouts for me were Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly and Alison Janney as Tonya's mother. The editing was also expertly done. The way the movie swaps between the interviews and the main story was excellent, and it kept the story engaging for the most part. The main flaw I have with the movie is that it gets kinda slow near the middle of the movie, and I kinda lost interest during that part in the movie. I also found the first act went by way too quickly. But overall, I think this is a great biography film, and I highly recommend it.

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