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This review may contain spoilers.

On this second viewing, not only was I yet again taken aback by the pure spectacle behind the invigorating moments that Jordan Peele provides in Nope, but I also got a good understanding of what I think Peele is trying to say with this film. From my understanding, Nope is a film all about the human obsession with spectacle. The film's main plot revolves around this group of people trying everything they can to get this looming extraterrestrial thing in the sky on camera. Despite learning multiple times how dangerous this thing is, they keep trying to get it on camera because they know how many people will want to get a look at this behemoth.

This message can also be seen in the side story involving Steven Yeun's character. On my first viewing, its inclusion in the film left me puzzled. And it's clear from how I've seen people talk about this part of the film that I wasn't alone. However, on this second viewing, I saw how this part of the story connected to the film's overall message. In the movie, we see that the situation with Gourdy traumatized Steven Yeun's character, Ricky, quite a bit. But despite that, Ricky describes the situation early on in the film as a pure spectacle. This part of the story excellently portrays the film's message that we, as people, are obsessed with spectacle no matter how traumatizing it may be. This part of the story also gives good reasoning behind why Ricky would want to showcase the thing in the sky, as from the way I saw it, Ricky wanted to provide the audience of his theme park that same sense of traumatizing spectacle that he saw with Gordy's attack.

This thematic depth shows that beyond the spectacle behind the intense sequences throughout the film, Nope, much like Peele's other work, also has something meaningful to say. This is what especially astounded me about Nope. In the current era of blockbusters that we live in, you don't see a lot of films like Nope: big-scale summer blockbusters that also have something meaningful and bold to say. Because of the film's unique placement in the summer blockbuster system, I appreciated Nope a lot more on this second viewing. It also makes me excited for Jordan Peele's future filmmaking efforts, as I hope to see Peele continue to innovate as a filmmaker and keep making big Hollywood films with something to say.

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