I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

Schools in France are closed for the entire month, I can finally watch movies!

I really liked this film which, in my opinion, has many qualities. Craig Gillepsie films the skater in her difficult family and on the rinks where she quickly asserts her character.

The film oscillates between laughter and bitterness. I, Tonya is indeed extremely moving and harsh when we see the young champion being manhandled by her monstrous environment.

Likewise, Tonya, although an excellent skater, will never earn the respect of her peers. In fact, the American Figure Skating Federation will never respect her because of her image, her humble origins and her outspokenness.

The film teaches that we are marked by our childhood and that we do not escape its chaos... to the great misfortune of Tonya Harding, badly surrounded and often mistreated by those around her.

Her modest origins stuck to the skin of the champion who fought with her weapons: a "big mouth" and the will not to be fooled, which is quite counterproductive in the corseted and conservative world of skating.

Narratively, the sequence on the preparations for the assault on Nancy Kerrigan is well filmed and is reminiscent of some black thrillers like Goodfellas. Likewise, the sports skating footage is also well filmed.

The film benefits from a clever script reproducing the chronology of events, a morning of flashbacks.
I, Tonya owes a lot to her actors, in particular Margot Robbie, funny and moving, who finds here a real dramatic role that takes her away from the pretty girl compositions that made her famous.

The supporting roles are also very good: Allison Janney (the terrible mother of Tonya), Sebastian Stan (Jeff Gilloly) and Poor Walter Hauser (Tasty and mythomaniac Shawn Eckardt ...) all very convincing. Sociologically, the film "hits the mark" with the description of Tonya's shameless and unscrupulous entourage.

In the end, the film constitutes a rehabilitation of the skater specialist of the "triple axel", recalling that if she could pass for a badly trimmed provincial, she was not the creator of the physical aggression of Nancy Kerrigan.

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