The Day I Became a Woman

The Day I Became a Woman ★★★★½

The first time I saw it was at a film festival when it came out, and it was good to revisit it as I think I even prefer it now than the first time I saw it. Directed by by Mohsen Makhmalbaf's wife, the film is divided into 3 tales, vaguely linked, about 3 different generations of woman. It starts with a 9 year old girl who will become a woman at noon and spends her last moment with a friend, a boy as she won't play with him again, the second tale is about a young woman racing on bicycle whose relatives on horses, one by one, are trying to persuade her to stop the race, then the third tale is about an old woman with the help of a boy is buying everything she never had. Very subtle, simple and intelligent, greatly shot, with some wonderful scenes (I particularly like the bike race/horses) each tale being different but equally powerful.
Marziyeh Meshkini : "In the first part, Hava, a small child with an innocent look, is trying to touch the first sin of her life, the same structure as the (Biblical) story of Eve. Like Eve, she eats the first apple and we know what happens after that... My second episode, Ahoo (which means deer in the wild kingdom), is very beautiful but at the same time wild. She wants to touch that freedom... In the third episode, Hoora, we know now that she is a conclusion of the first two parts. She is beautiful. She also has eagerness; but it's too late. She can now get all of the things she wanted, but she is no longer young and innoncent as the first child. In the first episode she loses her childhood, in the second she loses her youth, and now she is at the age where she no longer can do all those things."

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