• The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight


    Dragon Inn without the sand but with the snow...

  • I Do

    I Do


    A romcom with Li Bingbing and Sun Honglei. The story has been done over and over, and the film has nothing special, nothing particular, nothing new, everything is predictible, mainly watched because of Sun Honglei's presence.

  • The Dream of the Red Chamber

    The Dream of the Red Chamber


    Based on one of the most known classic with a very young Brigitte Lin as a young prince starring in this huangmei diao film directed by the master of this genre, Li Han Hsiang. As usual, splendid set and costumes, nice framing, quite light at first, the film goes towards a more and more tragic tone.

  • The Story of a Discharged Prisoner

    The Story of a Discharged Prisoner


    30 countries - Film #15 : Hong Kong

    This is a 60s hong kong black and white, jazzy, crime/thriller film with a social backround that inspired John Woo's A Better Tomorrow.
    Actually, the story itself has been recurrently dealt in crime films : an ex-convict who after 15 years in jail refuses to go back to the crime world but he's inevitably caught back to his past.
    However, I must say that there are several interesting things in the film…

  • Solos



    30 countries - Film #14- Singapore

    Solos is a result of a collaboration of two directors, shot in digital, showing the relationships of the 3 main characters : a young man (played by one of the directors), an older man and the young man's mother.
    The story is simple (a bit too simple) and is about a homosexual love affair between the two men and the love of the mother to her son. The love here seems more individual, even…

  • Special Silencers

    Special Silencers

    30 countries - Film #13- Indonesia

    May write some quick thoughts later...

    30 countries 2014 list

  • Ismail Yassine in the House of Ghosts

    Ismail Yassine in the House of Ghosts


    30 countries - Film #12 - Egypt

    Quite disappointed by it, but still a curiosity.
    The Haunted House is a black and white 50s film that takes place in a mansion where various characters are constantly shouting, screaming, moving around everywhere and nowhere.
    They are gathered together in this reclused old mansion in order to hear the will and collect the inheritence.
    The film is supposed to be a comedy (although it didn't make me laugh), but I must say…

  • Man Follows Birds

    Man Follows Birds


    30 countries - Film #9 : USSR/Uzbekistan

    This was a pleasant surprise.
    Man Follows Birds is a coming-of-age tale set in a Medieval Uzbekistan filled with folklore myths and mystical visions.
    We follow two friends (then three, all three orphans and/or outcast), idealist (and even utopist) and enthousiastic youngsters who after getting away from the human oppressive and cruel world try to live in harmony with nature and themselves and in self-sufficiency.
    Costumes, set designs and coloured landscapes, soundtracks are wonderful, a very pleasant poetic, melancholy tale to watch.

    30 countries 2014 list

  • Tenja



    30 countries - Film #8 : Morocco

    Nordine is a son of a miner who has grown up in the North of France; he has to go back to his native village high in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco in order to bury his father according to his last will.
    This is a kind of a road movie in which Nordine meets a few various people (including a young woman who doesn't seem confortable with her life in the country)…

  • Reconstruction



    30 countries - Film #6 : Romania

    Two young men got drunk and had a fight. The court decided to let them free on the condition that they re-enact their fight in order to make an educational film. So, the comrade prosecutor arrives with the 2 young men, the filmmakers & professor and a couple of soldiers at the location where the incident took place (somewhere lost near the mountain and a river).
    This is a great film, so many things…

  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

    Valerie and Her Week of Wonders


    30 countries - Film #5 : Czechoslovakia

    I was quite looking forward watching this movie, as I wanted to see for quite awile. However, when the opening credits started with some sort of classical choir music with a naive tone, I started to fear whether I willl like it or not.

    Indeed, Valerie is astonishing and wonderful for its set design, costumes & props, makes-up, colours which could make the film related to theatre. But the film is also surprising for…

  • Innocent Sorcerers

    Innocent Sorcerers


    30 countries - Film #4 : Poland

    Innocent sorcerers is a light and intimate yet quite cynical portrait of nonchalant, drifting youth in Warsaw, in the 60s.
    We follow during a night a young arrogant sportif doctor, also nightclub musician, quite sure of himself and seducing girls quite easily, he meets a witty, attractive and charming young woman.
    The film is mostly shot in the dark (I like the scenes when they wander in the streets in the night), until…