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  • Fairy Couple
  • The Magnificent Concubine
  • Empress Wu
  • The Grand Substitution
  • Lady General Hua Mulan

Huangmei diao - opera films - & other historical costume films from HK/China in the 50s, 60s

13 films

Since I've now seen a few of this opera films I thought of making a list to track down the…

  • Feelings of Mountains and Waters
  • Three Monks
  • Where Is Mama
  • The Nine-Colored Deer
  • The Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven

Chinese animation films

6 films

Chinese animation films mainly from Shanghai Animation Film Studio. A work in progress list...

to add : The Buffalo boy's…

  • Alps
  • Dead Mountaineer's Hotel
  • Fragments of an Alms-Film
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
  • Innocent Sorcerers

30 countries in May

25 films

30 days, 30 countries, 30 films ( Lise's proposal ) This is the beginning of the list that will surely…

  • Days of Eclipse
  • Empire
  • A Humble Life
  • Mother and Son
  • Russian Ark

Alexander Sokurov

12 films

I saw a couple of his films years ago, but it's this year that I really discover his work. So…

  • The Brig
  • The Connection
  • The Cool World
  • On the Bowery
  • The Savage Eye

March - To see

12 films

Films I will go & see in March at the cinema and it's going to be a good month...

Towards the…

  • Dong
  • Still Life
  • Suzhou River
  • River Without Buoys
  • Warm Water Under a Red Bridge

Water, Rivers.. in Asian Films

20 films

Doing this 30 movies, 30 countries challenge, I realise how important rivers, in general water, were predominent (as a symbol,…

  • The Twin Swords
  • Come Drink with Me
  • The Silent Swordsman
  • Dragon Inn
  • The Assassin

60s 70s swordsplay films from Hong Kong

49 films

I've always liked and enjoyed watching HK swordsplay films, I watch them less than I used to - I must…

  • The Wild, Wild Rose
  • Angel with the Iron Fists
  • Temptress of a Thousand Faces
  • Mambo Girl
  • When the Clouds Roll by

50s, 60s HK films

23 films

Because I love watching those films, because those films are less known, I've started this list that will be completed…

  • Shower
  • Platform
  • Men and Women
  • Beijing Bicycle
  • Paper Airplanes

Chinese Films Part 4 : 2000s - 2010s

59 films

I will focus on Mainland Chinese films, and not the big production films, blockbusters and such but instead more on…

  • The White-Haired Girl
  • Life of a Beijing Policeman
  • The Life of Wu Xun
  • Fairy Couple
  • New Year Sacrifice

Chinese Films Part 2 : 1950 - towards end of 70s

10 films

I only focus on Mainland Chinese films, and only add on the list the ones I've seen.

From 1950 to…

  • The French Detective
  • Party Girl
  • Come Back, Africa
  • The Hitch-Hiker
  • Gumshoe

December Challenge

22 films

I'm participating to the December Challenge even though I know I won't be able to watch 100 films this month,…

  • The Enchanting Shadow
  • The Magnificent Concubine
  • Madam White Snake
  • The Last Woman of Shang
  • The Story of Sue San

Obscure October

25 films

From Cinebro proposal's Obscure October ....

A few ideas/subjects concerning the list: - no rewatched films - only films from…