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  • Neko Atsume House

    Neko Atsume House


    I too, would have a happy and contented life living in the countryside, in a house swarming with cats. ❤️

    Nothing special but the cute furry creatures made up for it.

  • Unrequited Love

    Unrequited Love


    My Nickname is Butatchi - 3.5/5
    My Cactus - 2/5
    Something Blue - 3/5
    Kataomoi Supairaru - 3.5/5 (yuri!❤️)
    Usotsuki no Koi - 3.5/5
    Summer Pickles - 2.5/5
    Eve No Okurimono - 2.5/5
    Radio Personality - 3/5

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  • Swing Kids

    Swing Kids


    Fuck Ideology.

    Wow! Got totally caught off guard by that ending. Never paid any attention to tap dancing before but because of this film, I now do.

    And I'm just completely floored by how awesome this movie is.

  • Hope



    Less than 30 minutes in and I was already a sobbing mess.

    Extremely devastating and what makes it more painful is the fact that it actually happened to a young girl publicly known as "Nayoung".

    Now I gotta rest up from all that crying and emotional heaviness I've felt while watching it.

    Also, fuck South Korea's justice system!