2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

7:38pm - Hal's Birthday

My roommate, her cat, and I are all sitting down to watch this together. She’s only seen this once, long ago, so I’m pretty excited to watch it with her. Unfortunately, I left my Blu-ray at my aunt's house so we're having to watch a DVD.

The overture begins.

The picture quality leaves something to be desired.

What are those animals with the apes? Boar? Their snouts move in a weird way which makes me think maybe not boar.

My roommate didn’t know about the faking the moon landing conspiracy theory so I just had to explain all that and what front screen projection is.

Had to pause at the bone crushing scene to show her a picture of Nick Cave so she can see how much he looks like that particular ape.

The baby apes are super cute.

Were the apes vegetarian before the monolith?

Roommate: “The end of vegetarianism."

If this movie was made today that pen grabbing shot would've been in 3D.

Heywood Floyd often comes across as such a smug asshole.

Roommate: "I'm glad there's women scientists."

Schmeezlov. Doctor Schmeezlov.

Roommate: “Are you a moon person? Would you go to the moon? I could never."

Cue my first favorite scene of the film: stewardess walking in a circle

Now we're discussing how cool it would be to have those Zero Gravity Toilet instructions framed in your bathroom.

There are so many cool chairs in this film.

Roommate: "I feel like I could make a Halloween costume out of heating ducts now."

Cue my second favorite scene: Frank jogging in a circle

Their sporks look like something you'd get from IKEA.

Earlier today while discussing this film Del said, “fuck you, Steve Jobs!” because iPads were actually invented for this film in 1968.

I wish Frank's parents had said, "see you next Tuesday."

Roommate: “Couldn't you see Fassbender playing Dave in a remake of this?"

Cue third favorite scene: Frank and Dave spinning in the circle on the way to speak to Mission Control

It really bothers me how far out Dave parks the pod. Especially since HAL can control it and keep it from hitting the ship. And why is he not tied to either the pod or the ship?

It's gonna be a showdown, Dave.

"Just what do you think you're doing, Dave."

2001's wormhole > Interstellar's wormhole

2001 > Interstellar, full stop.

Screw all those walking in circles scenes, this wormhole/other dimension scene is my favorite.

God damn I love the design of the room Dave shows up in. The lighted floors with the antiques and the frescoes and all the beautiful chairs? My god. The designers of Kevin Flynn’s house in Tron: Legacy obviously borrowed heavily from this scene.

And it always has to end on that disgusting giant space baby note. Ugh.

Questions asked after the film ended:

Does HAL make a mistake or is he deliberately misbehaving? Or preprogrammed?

Why did everyone have to die besides Dave?

Could the monolith only take one person to the other dimension?

Is HAL under the monolith's control?

What is the room at the end? An observation room?

AJ The Cat's Recommendation: skip it. Too many loud noises. Purr. Headbutt. Meow.

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