2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

6:29pm - Hal's Birthday

Tonight was taco night, so I’m feeling pretty stuffed right now. Definitely ready to veg out and watch this movie. I've got 3 more tacos on the table behind me just in case. It's a long movie.

My husband's giving me an annoyed look because I'm taking forever to start the film. Here we go....

….we didn't go. I had to pee and refresh my water.

6:37pm. Finally starting it.

Oops, no we’re not. Forgot the sound. Husband’s even more annoyed now.

6:38pm. Overture. Finally.

Husband's up and conducting the orchestra now. Blocking the screen.

Husband: "I always feel sorry for the monkey, well, guy in a monkey suit, who has to fight the leopard."

When you first see the lone ape eating meat the mountains in the foreground are shaped just like the tapir when it fell to the ground on it’s side in the previous shot.

Haves vs. have nots

Pan Am


Howard Johnson's

Pacific Bell (Bell System)

I LOVE the little girl's dress! I’m 35, but I’d wear that. With tights.


I love the entire moon landing sequence. Such great perspective with the tiny people in the windows.

"Got any ham?"

I ate the other 3 tacos already. They looked too good sitting there next to me. Taunting me. I had the leftovers of some tex-mex dips with tortilla chips too. Guacamole, sour cream and chive, and the best, chili and cheese. Pretty sure I'm gonna explode now.

General Mills


It would be so weird to sleep in a little pod.

HAL's a lover of the arts.

Dave just floats untethered for like a mile through space to get to the ship he could've parked right next to. Bothers me every time. And they do it TWICE.


"It's not me, it's you," says Mr. Perfect.

Why does mission control talk like that? "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroger."

8:16. Intermission.

The apes encounter the monolith and then they start killing. The moon monolith sends it's signal and artificial intelligence starts killing. Was that HAL 9000 on the moon when the signal went off? Is that why the twin is ok, but theirs is homicidal?

"Take a chill pill, Dave."

Is Dave following that monolith?

I can't even handle how much I love the interior design of the final room. Those lit floors, paintings, headboard, walls, chairs, statues, it’s all too much!

Where one Dave ends the other begins.

The framing of the monolith in the room when shown straight on is perfect. The (mostly) symmetrical balance (there’s a table and chair on the left that’s not repeated on the right) of the room with the monolith as the centerpiece is lovely.

Ugly giant space baby is such an awful note to end on. Yuck.

Thoughts after the film:

I want to live in Dave’s room.

Why Dave? I think this is always my biggest question.

I never read the book after watching the film last year, and honestly, I’m not sure I want to now. This time as I was watching the neon lights scene I thought, “I am never reading the book.” I like not knowing. Even if the book just brings up more questions, I like not knowing what those questions are. I want the film to survive on it’s own.

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