2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

7:04 PM - Hal's Birthday

All day I've felt like there was something I needed to do, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I finally remembered about an hour ago that it's once again time for the annual rewatch of 2001. Unfortunately, the stupid bluray player is acting up, so we may be screwed.

7:10 PM

The problem appears to be fixed.

Ok, well, I had to work today, but I've got a 4 day weekend ahead of me, so I'm very happy at the moment. A little tired, and I do have trouble staying awake for any movie that runs passed 9 PM these days, so this should be interesting. We've ordered a takeaway. I got my usual (small pizza with extra pineapple and red onion, side of fries, one garlic, one chilli). Starving.

7:12 PM


Like last year, Del's already annoyed with me because I'm taking too long to get the film started. Hehe. He's gonna love all the times I ask him to pause so I can type/pee/make him get me water.

The overture is reminding me of the time I went to see this at the Del Mar in Santa Cruz. Gorgeous old theatre with statues and a giant red velvet curtain. I miss it.

Love the old MGM logo. Reminds me of Vegas. Never stay in that hotel btw.

Del just paused it right when the sun is peeking over the planet and it looks like a boob with a big nipple.

How do you decide on a font?

I love sunrises. England has amazing sunrises. They're one of my favorite things about this country.

The teacher that taught me how to spell dessert taught us that you can always remember the difference between desert and dessert because you always want a second helping of dessert.

I wish I had a big kitty.

7:25 PM


I just did a little dance while yelling that.

I'm starting to wonder if I ever notice anything new in this film. Do I always focus on the same things? Do I look out for them or do they just stand out?

Drummers often make funny faces.

Every year I wonder if apes are vegetarian and every year I forget to look it up. Del thinks they eat meat.


Oh look, it's Interstellar.

It's weird how the airplane cabin type seats are sunken. Headroom's not really the problem, Stanley, it's the legs that need more space.

Do I like Solaris more than this?

Those god damn red chairs, man. Love em.

The instructions for the Skype call are almost as lengthy as the ones for the zero gravity toilet.

Never noticed the moon(? Earth?) spinning outside the window during the call with his daughter before.

"Out of all of it, right, what the hell has she got on her head?!"

They got my pizza so right tonight. Tons of pineapple. Mmmmmm.......

He's already going to get me more water and we're only like 40 mins in lol

This docking scene's one of my favorite things in this film. I love all the little people you can see milling around and the colors and the music.

The photographer's shirt and tie were made out of the same silly plaid material as his jacket and pants. An all plaid suit.

I think these guys chose to have a Heywood Floyd ass kissing sandwich.

There's super long emergency revival procedure instructions on the hibernation pods. Oh shit, you're dying and I need to save you! Hold on while I study this novel.

8:30 PM

Had to pause to pee. There's been like 4 pauses already. Del's raging.

I don't know how to play chess.

Dave's the sensitive artsy type. Frank's the jock.


Their heavy breathing makes me super aware of my own breathing and I have to take deep breaths to I guess make sure I'm still alive?

9:01 PM

Feeling sleepy. Better eat more pizza.

Hal's a cold hearted snake.

Another dimension. Intergalactic.

Dick Van Dave

I made it! Didn't fall asleep!

The giant space baby will now haunt me in my dreams.

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