2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

All week I’ve been looking forward to Friday and our annual rewatch of 2001, and then as the hubs and I were sitting down about to start The Shape of Water he turns to me and goes, “oh fuck, it’s Hal’s birthday!” And I was like, “oh fuck, it’s Hal’s birthday!!!”

So, here we are again. My notes for the yearly rewatch. Just like in my previous reviews this one is just my thoughts as I’m watching the film.

The movie is 50 years old this year.

Hal is 26.

I am 37.

19:45 - Hal's Birthday. It begins.

This year we’re watching the film with our neighbor’s cat who decided to move into our house last year. We call him Geoff. Geoff doesn’t care much for the overture.

MGM. MGM Casino. Las Vegas. Never had any desire to stay at that hotel because it’s so big and spread out. I always preferred the Luxor because you can get around easily and fairly quickly.

19:54 - Indian takeaway has arrived! Right at The Dawn of Man.

Sometimes the front screen projection is so obvious.

What I’m eating now looks much better than what these apes are eating. I got tarka dal, bombay aloo, and vegetable pilau rice. Yum!

Fuck you, Christopher Nolan.

I wonder what Haywood Floyd has playing on his in flight entertainment system as he naps.

I also wonder why one of the wheels of the space station looks incomplete, like scaffolding, no walls built on.

Husband is making the cat smell his curry fingers. Poor Geoff.

Voice print identification is something I deal with at my job as well and actually had to give a presentation on it today.

I bet that girl does not tell her mom that her dad will try to call tomorrow.

Haywood certainly likes to nap during space travel.

The scene where the spaceship is being lowered into the moon base is absolute perfection. That hombre pink, the little people, the end of the Blue Danube, all of it. Perfect.

I’m going to assume Haywood is from Texas.

Was the monolith waiting for Haywood?

20:54 - Jupiter Mission (it’s been exactly an hour since the last time I paused and noted the time on these notes)

I’m a Koobrick kinda gal, not Kewbrick.

Frank’s meal seems pretty obvious: carrots, peas, potatoes, beef. But what the hell is Dave eating? 3 different shades of brown and a strange mustardy yellow? Curry?

I think Frank is getting a tan and I think it’s silly that he would wear his socks and shoes while tanning, but the husband disagrees and thinks Jonathan will die if he reads that I think that.

Geoff couldn’t hack it. He’s not a Kubrick fan. He left.

I think he looks like old Dave from the room when they show his face as he’s drifting the 10 miles over to the satellite from his little pod. Shows his old looking face twice and then the glass on the helmet goes black.

There’s no reason for them to rotate the pod before flipping the switches off and talking except to let Hal read their lips.

21:32 - intermish. Haven’t had to pause to pee or get water (make husband get me water) once yet.

The tops of their space suit helmets look like frogs.

The screen on Dave’s pod dash says “SLOL.” Seriously Laughing Out Loud. Like I am seriously laughing out loud at Frank spinning off through space.

The tail of the spaceship looks like a Toblerone.

Geoff is back. When Hal started killing the crew members he jumped down off the couch and stood right in front of the TV staring up at it. It’s ok, Geoff! He can’t kill you!

Take a chull pull, Dave.

I wonder how Dave knows which memory things to screw out for Hal.

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas

Dave’s room reminds me a bit of Barry Lyndon. The bathroom reminds me of The Shining.

Dave’s room is the best thing in the entire film.

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