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  • The Witch

    The Witch


    Robert Eggers wow I’m beyond impressed, the level of dedication in writing and direction to create a piece of work of such high quality for a directorial debut is commendable. 
    An idiosyncratic approach to the horror genre. As someone with a somewhat peculiar curiosity with folklore and mythology this hits the right note. 

    What’s makes this take of horror so refreshing is its complete avoidance of gimmicky horror tropes we see in most films of this genre. What keeps me…

  • Boyz n the Hood

    Boyz n the Hood


    “What are y’all two Amos and Andy? Are you Step and he Fetch? I mean what the message stands for. It’s called Gentrification. It happens when the property values of a certain area are brought down so that land can be bought at a lower price. Then they buy the land move the people out, raise the property value and sell it at a profit. We need to keep everything in our neighborhood black, black owned with black money.”


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  • Tenet



    ‪Do not go into Tenet expecting a moving thematic narrative or emotionally driven characters as it’s underwhelming in that respect.‬
    ‪However, do marvel at the technical cinematic capabilities of a master filmmaker. Nolan clearly believes that “more is more”.‬

    ‪There’s a level of grandeur and spectacle unlike other major action-blockbusters. The scale and inventiveness of the practical sets, the audaciously daring action sequences and stunts (the opening sequence of shots in the opera house is arguably Nolan’s most high-octane start…

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Just seen PTA’s ‘Phantom Thread’. While an art house cinematic piece I expected a film relying solely on mood, atmosphere, visual aesthetic rather than a character-driven narrative. PTA in fact combines theses elements creating a beautiful visual/artistic film with a compelling story of relationship power-dynamics. Seeing Daniel Day-Lewis transform into a character with such peculiar behavior is a joy to watch. Vicky Krieps brings a mystery to her “muse+love interest” role, only in the final act of the narrative we understand her intentions/motivations. Expertly crafted film, beautiful visuals, charming score, brilliant performances and so much nuances and subtext to unpack in its story.