American History X ★★★

I actually really liked that this nazi redemption story is filmed like a French New Wave or British neo-realism (I'm not sure if this is a thing - I could be making it up). It made it feel documentary tone, sometimes. But there was a sentimentality in movie I couldn't quite get behind. It's not that I want my Nazi movies to be more gritty or even more sympathy (cause no really), it's more that I wanted more humanity. The one moment of Edward Norton covering up his Swatchka with his hand should have had more deeper meaning if it wasn't just very loud emotions flying with no direction. I don't think hate is all that complicated, but I do think this takes a few to many short cuts with some of the characters reasoning and decisions, and it's the sentamentily that is used to fill in the gaps.

However in saying that I generally liked all the performances.