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  • [REC]




    Rec is simply terrifying. This found-footage zombie flick only has a runtime of 78 minutes and it's fairly worth it.

    I love how excitingly fast-paced this film was. The claustrophobic setting was suffocating. The thrills and horror were exhilarating. The jump scares were solidly effective. The characters, albeit one-dimensional, all acted believably. The chaotic camerawork added more intensity, making it an unsettling roller-coaster ride.

    I'd say it's a fine experience but damn, the final act was so goooooood.

    sinegang weekly pick #6 by Justin

  • Rope



    - Experimental
    - Philosophical
    - Very tense
    - Homosexual subtext
    - Dark humor
    - Short runtime
    - Great characters
    - Outstanding performances
    - Masterful direction
    - Satisfying ending

    - None

    Yep, one of my fave films from Hitchcock.

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  • Hamilton



    Me knowing that Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton is finally coming to Disney+: 🎶How can I say no to this?🎶

    Me finding out that it will be released exactly on my birthday: 🎶Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now!🎶

    Me finally watching it but the internet is a bit slow and the video sometimes buffers: 🎶I'm willin' to wait for it!🎶

    Me watching it and feeling envious to all people who get to witnessed this…

  • Scream



    "Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative."

    One of the best opening scenes ever, amirite?

    A self-aware slasher-horror that deconstructs conventional horror movie tropes with smart humor as well as dreadful horror. It's also a meta commentary on the sensationalism of violence in the media. Anyway, this holds up pretty well.