A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II


i don't know if it's just my TV hangover talking (i watched too many TV shows these past few months) but this sequel certainly feels like a terrible hour-long filler episode. oh right!

plus, unlike the first film (overrated btw), there's barely any scares or tension here that got me shook. the jump scares were ineffective and cheap. emily blunt was underused (tho it's good that millicent simmonds got the spotlight this time). the pacing was horrible. the story or some plot beats didn't add much or went nowhere. the runtime was too short and I would've liked it if they could add more time to flesh out the characters and its settings. however, I noticed that there were less stupid character decisions here, unlike the first film which got tons of it.

also that ending was so funny, I legit laughed. so corny.

verdict: terrible; laughable; predictable; boring

ps. I still think being pregnant / having a baby during an apocalypse where the monsters hunt through sound is still conservatively dumb and stupid.

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