Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★

I'm still trying to wrap my head around what the hell did I just watched..... okay here we go.

Holy Motors is definitely a challenging cinematic experience. It's incredibly surreal, hyper-stylized, and genre-busting; constantly defying and reinvigorating the rules of cinema itself.

The film tells the story of the mysterious being named Oscar, who is driven around the city in the white stretched vehicle, taking him to the variety of "appointments" of the day. The "appointments" appear to be a series of acting jobs, where Oscar dresses up for the multitude of roles. Each of them played out like episodic vignettes with different genres (monster horror, family drama, crime thriller, musical romance, etc.) but with no correlations whatsoever.

Narratively speaking, it makes no sense, but that doesn't mean the film itself lacks actual meaning. Holy Motors actually got something to say about the current digital age, how cinema has changed over time, and the concept of identity.

The film seems like Leos Carax's love letter to the art of cinema and the craft of acting, while also mocking the modern digitalization of today's cinema. This particular theme clicked on me during the film's final moment, which is hysterically absurd but completely thought-provoking and sad. What Carax did is to mourn yet honor the past magic of filmmaking and acting. How nice, right? Or you could also look at this in a different way, like he's just being a pretentious boomer complaining on the progressive changes of modern cinema.

The concept of identity is also one of the themes presented in this. The character of Oscar seems to be representing us and how we present ourselves in this world full of unpredictable moments. The film questions our place in society, especially when we're now in this current internet age where we constantly perform multiple personas just so we can fit in.

Overall, I love the experience. The film is absurd, weird, funny, sad, enjoyable, and insane. Oh, I forgot to mention Denis Lavant's extraordinary performance. He made the film even better.

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