Life Is Beautiful ★★★

Life is Beautiful mixes both tragedy and humor with often mixed results.

I particularly loved the first half of the film. It's very wholesome and light-hearted since we get to witness Roberto Benigni's wacky character and his wacky misadventures. For almost an hour, the film showed us a series of pure happiness and romance — and it was indeed beautiful. However, it eventually took a turn for the worse after that.

Life is Beautiful isn't really about the horrors of the Holocaust. Yes, it took place in it, but the setting's basically just a backdrop. The film is more about the sacrificial love of a father towards his son amidst the terrible tragedy.

Also, I'm actually fine with the comedy aspect of the film. The film just wants you to laugh but at the same time, it never really wants you to forget that the Holocaust was bad. The film never explicitly shows the gruesome horrors of war because just like the child, we too were shielded from it. However, I must admit that the humor was sometimes a hit-and-miss for me. Plus, I would've rated this a bit higher if it wasn't for the main character's obviously sketchy and silly acts that would seriously land them into trouble.

But anyway, this was a good film. Life is Beautiful simply tells us to find joy and laughter despite all the grim tragedy surrounding upon us.

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