Dune ★★★½

If I've ever praised the art direction of the '80s version (that's what I liked the most about that one), here in this movie, they take the quality to the highest level. The visuals are surreal because they are so beautiful, it makes you want to pause and admire it. I found this movie of 2021 much more cohesive than the one from 1984, but still, you can get lost at times. There are many concepts and names mentioned, so you need to stay tuned all the time, to try to understand. For those who have read the books, it must have been a field day, but it's a very complex universe and I hope they explain better in the sequences. Another thing that I noticed and that I consider as a negative point is the characters. Even when they were in risky situations, I couldn't care less. Some for having little screen time and others for lack of charisma (yes, I'm talking about Timothée Chalamet). But anyway, the cast is full of famous actors, and they can attract even more audiences.

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