☆ story&characters&acting
☆ sound&music&photography
☆ harmony
☆ genius
☆ glorious masterpiece
♡ i'll probably rewatch it until i die

Favorite films

  • Kill Your Darlings
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Loving Vincent
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Recent activity

  • Mulholland Drive


  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


  • Missing a Beat


  • A Streetcar Named Desire


Recent reviews

  • Missing a Beat

    Missing a Beat


    Awkward, untrue and the girl is used as tool to describe the boy instead of being her own character. Wasted potential and bad acting.

  • We Children from Bahnhof Zoo

    We Children from Bahnhof Zoo


    First of all, Babsi is so well cast that I almost can't believe it.
    Secondly, this is definitely much easier to watch than the 1981 movie or than to read the book because of the major fictitious depiction of the events.
    Third, Dijan.

Popular reviews

  • In the Darkness of the Night

    In the Darkness of the Night


    "Tou toda borrada e só me apetece comer gelados."

  • Joker



    You can't watch this without at least shaking.
    Joaquin Phoenix's performance is the most excellent I've seen in recent films, it moves you, makes you question your values, you may laugh but hesitate, you smile and you feel as crazy as his character.
    You no longer distinguish the real from the psychosis. An ode to all who suffer from visible conditions.
    Dramatic, theatrical, intense, beautiful.