2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★½

2pm. Lots of coffee before hand. Not really in the mood because I have to write a review for Her and that's all I can think about.

2001 - The Horror Movie

That walk-in music really is scary. It truly feels like we are about to see a horror film. What if it is a horror film? What if the horror is that we become so despondent on our tools and have such confidence in them that we don't recognize it when we are the ones who become the tool? The final secret message from base that Dave discovers as he's shutting down Hal divulges that the mission was to go to Jupiter and assumes everyone is alive. While Hal was right about something being off about the mission, who programmed him to subvert it? If no one did, then that's pretty scary.

In this sense it is quite possible that the monoliths aren't invitations to think differently or pointers to a new direction but rather warnings. Big stop signs.

- Apes, you are all about to be wiped out. Better find another way.
- Space people, you are being seduced by your tools. Wake up and find another way.
- Jupiter's Monolith: Sorry--too late. Now start again. Or that's right, this is the way: rely on yourself and you'll be ok. Now go redo it.

Or worse, the monolith is the danger.

- Hey there, nice apes, why don't you change your ways so that you can clobber each other and wipe each other out?
- Hey there space people, why don't you take that fancy technology of yours out to real space, like Jupiter, where you will be alone with HAL and see what happens?
- Welcome to Jupiter humans. So you made it this far after all, eh? Well good for you, but now you die. Bye bye. And to make sure it ends here, any of this being born again business is going to happen in space where you can't survive. The end.

I slept through a lot of it this time around. Mostly the plot bits, like I always do. But that allows me to always be amazed whenever I wake up. It doesn't matter where I am in the film, when I wake up the screen is always filled with absolutely amazing visuals and details. One detail I never noticed before was how the pay phone took the credit card much like the chip readers do today. Think about it. How old is this film? And those red chairs in the space station. Man, they still look like chairs from a futuristic sci-fi film. Stuff like that is so amazing.

The end credits always make me want to watch Pride and Prejudice. I think it's because I close my eyes and I see dancing to the music, period dancing, of course, and then I see Mr. Darcy and Lizzy dancing. Funny that I have never fallen asleep while watching that, and it is 5-1/2 hours long. Just saying.

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