2001: A Space Odyssey

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I'll leave Jonathan to review this screening, as I am sure he will provide all the details about the Q&A, etc.

All I can say is that I snoozed through most of the first half (again). During intermission I got my anti-snoozing weapons, coffee and popcorn, and they did the trick.

This time in the stargate sequence I saw the creation of the sky (ending with a long shot of blue in the top half of the screen) and the creation of land (everything after that, which were shots of land and mountains, etc).

I saw one scene in there that stuck out like a sore thumb: it was a scene of 4 or 5 blue triangles. Didn't fit in at all with all the other more organic effects.

And this time I saw the Monolith not as a signpost or a call to evolution but as a single moment of creation. There is just one monolith and it shows up at the moment of creation. It isn't a beacon but the point of origin. Still have to think about this.

There was one thing that bothered me, though, or should I say I noticed it this time. When Hal predicts the failure, in 72 hours, of some communication thingy or other, it is considered his first mistake and it is what begins the downfall. But he knew the purpose of the real mission, so everything else after that can be accounted for by his protecting the mission rather than being his mistake. Was he right about the malfunction that he predicted? I mean, obviously everything malfunctioned after he sang the song, but is that what he meant? Or was he seeing that in 72 hours they were going to be near the Monolith which would severely affect their communication devices?

Just stuff I'm thinking about.

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