2046 ★★★★½

The first time I saw this film I had not seen In the Mood for Love. If anyone wonders whether or not the film stands on its own it does. So it was interesting to see it again after seeing it's predecessor.

In the Mood for Love ends with Mr. Chow leaving Hong Kong for Singapore, and 2046 sees him return to Hong Kong a few years later. He has become a ladies man, attempting to distract himself with as many women as he can have, but keeps his heart at bay. "It is the one thing that no one can borrow" presumably because it still belongs to Mrs. Chan. He decides to write a novel called 2046, a time and place one can go to by train to relive old memories and from which no one returns.

In Director Kar Wai Wong's hands the film is yet another epic of love and love lost, told on so many different levels (the past, the present, the future, illusions of the past in the future) that it's difficult to keep track. But you don't have to keep track. The film engages all of the senses, and as with In the Mood for Love, it is told so beautifully on all levels (photography, sets, music) that you buy into whatever the director throws your way.

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