Children of Heaven

Children of Heaven ★★★★

Part of the 30 countries festival. Iran

A beautiful and simple film from Iran, about the consequences in the lives of a young brother and sister when her only pair of shoes goes missing. The film could have spent much time having the children looking for the shoes, but instead it follows how they work their schedule around sharing the remaining pair of shoes they have. This arrangement leads to simple yet interesting stories that writer/director Majid Majidi explores with tenderness and charm.

It is lovely to see the simplicity of the children's daily lives, going to school, doing chores and making new friends. I am always wary of children in film, but Amir Farrokh Hashemian as Ali and Bahare Seddiqi as Zahra are sweet and believable, with no signs of precociousness.

The great thing about the script is that although it sounds like the film is just about the children meandering about, every scene is quite specific, with little intrigues that force the characters to make decisions along the way. The characters actually grow and develop, and the various plot lines are simple enough to maintain the mood of the film and organic enough to keep things interesting.

Very nice way to spend 90 minutes.

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