In the Mood for Love

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This isn't a review, because I never could review this film. It is too precious to me. It is to enveloping, too beautiful, too charming and just plain too of everything.

No, this isn't a review. This is about something new that I encountered while watching this, my favourite film. I was showing it to three friends who had never seen it (and one who had). Four friends who love film. Four friends who knew it was my favourite, and also knew that odds were we wouldn't be able to watch it nice and fresh the next morning like I wanted because stuff would happen and they had to drive home and it was now or never and we were all fairly, um, tipsy. So quite late, after a full day of hitting the bottle early because the boys were watching 2001 and the girls were playing Cities and Knights, after a late supper, this is when we decided it was now or never.

And I was concerned. You know how it is when you show someone your favourite film and they know it is your favourite film . You keep watching them. Are their eyes open? Did they smile at that? Oh, I think they are bored. Oh no, that music again. Do they think it is just repetitious or are they falling in love with it? The angst. And despite all of that I fell in love all over again with the film even watching it with just one eye. Goodness it is so gorgeous. I can't think of a single, not a single thing that doesn't do me in about this film. I love it all. Everything. Even the end, which I've always had a bit trouble with.

So yeah, this isn't a review. This is how I showed my friends my favourite film in the worst possible circumstances and they loved it too. All that fretting was for nothing. And I shall never go through that again. The next time a friend wants to watch it for the first time in our theatre I'll wait upstairs and keep the bottle company. At least I know what to expect there.

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