Time ★★½

30 countries challenge - film 3 - South Korea

Some crazy overly jealous obnoxious woman pulls hissy fits whenever her boyfriend looks at another woman and thinks that she could make him happier if she were another woman. Enter plastic surgery.

I don't know. I absolutely hated the first 30 minutes. I'm not into plastic surgery, although I might not say no to a free chin tuck, but I certainly never took it to be something a woman does to transform herself into a different person. Maybe I have more faith in women than Kim Ki-duk has (and that's not saying much considering how he thinks of them according to his films). I assumed women would do it for selfish reasons, to look better, to feel better about themselves, not to 'please their man'.

I suppose it could be said that this film explores issues of identity, in that more general 'are you still the same person if you look different' kind of way. I could see how that might be of interest to some. Personally that question doesn't float my boat as much as the question of how the passage of time might influence our identity. Why am I considered the same person today as when I was 3 when the two of us have so little in common? The film's translated title led me to believe that this might be the subject of the film, but alas Kim Ki-duk seems to equate the passage of time with the physical more than anything else, and that is the least interesting part of the question.

The film does pick up after a laborious and cringe-worthy first half hour, but it never soars.