• Another Round

    Another Round


    Oh boy. It is exactly as I thought it would be. I had the entire film in my head when I read the description but I thought Vinterberg and Mads could do something with it. I was wrong.

    You don't have to see the film. You know the story. I mean, a film about 4 men who decide to drink everyday during the day while at work. Where can the story go? You know exactly where. I mean if there…

  • Reservoir



    This one hit home. I, too, was going to go to my dad's cabin on a lake in Northern Ontario to scatter his ashes. His cabin is also boat access only, and on a very large lake. I'm not sure where they shot the film, but pretty much all lakes look the same in Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec. And so do fishing/hunting cabins, for that matter. Good luck to these guys trying to find it!

    Long preamble to say…

  • Bandar Band

    Bandar Band


    I'm not the biggest fan of road-trip movies but I loved this one. It was so simple, yet beautifully poignant. The lengths at which they will go to get to Tehran in time for a concert that could change their lives is just amazing. I, for one, will never again complain of potholes on our Canadian roads.

    But of course it is about much more than that. They are imagining a brighter future, a new life, a world without all…

  • Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time

    Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time


    Captivating, engaging, with just enough suspense to keep you wondering what is really going on. And when it is over, you can take it as it is, or you can wonder if perhaps something else was going on throughout the entire film. A great first feature and I'll definitely be seeing writer/director Lili Horváth's next film.

  • Limbo



    Ah, Limbo. The film I was most excited about. A refugee compound in the middle of nowhere in Northern Scotland. A comedy.

    It was charming, and it was funny, although that was mostly due to one of the characters displaying great exuberance for all things. I expected more of the comedy to be situational. The reason it doesn't quite hit the gem status for me is that there were just a few too many long silent shots of the landscape.…

  • 40 Years a Prisoner

    40 Years a Prisoner


    This doc was informative as I had never heard of the MOVE group. I say 'group' because I'm not sure if it was a 'cult' of sorts, and it wasn't large enough to count as a 'movement'. The most interesting part for me was the reasoning of the judge for his final decision. I would definitely like to get my mittens on that decision to read it through because I can't even begin to imagine the reasons one could give to support the conclusion.

  • The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel

    The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel


    I haven't seen the original The Corporation in decades, but I get the feeling this one is pretty much more of the same with a special focus on how large corporations are getting a bit wiser to the issues the public cares about, so they hire even bigger PR firms and spout messages about how they are the good guys now because they care about the environment and climate change and [enter any other cause]. Basically they still think we brainless thoughtless spending-machines and they want our dollars.

  • Inconvenient Indian

    Inconvenient Indian


    The creation of the "Indian" by white people.
    What struck me the most was when they discussed "Nanook of the North". The film-maker asked the Inuit to kill the walrus with a spear, even though they normally used guns. Heaven forbid we show how they really are; gotta show *our* version of them. So sad.

  • Get the Hell Out

    Get the Hell Out


    TIFF Midnight Madness

    Over the top, but it sure was fun. It was great to see a woman kick-ass.
    I'd watch it again.

  • Black Bear

    Black Bear


    Wow. Loved it. Really loved it. At first it looks like a darker Your Sister's Sister, a real 'talkie' between three people in a cabin in the woods. I couldn't see it keeping me engaged for its entire runtime, really. But then it switches things up and boy, that second gear is fantastic. And funny too.

    Spot on performances by the entire cast. The main three characters run the gamut of emotions and they do a fantastic job. A great small picture, always my favourite kind. Definitely worth seeing.

  • Bone Cage

    Bone Cage


    Based on a play by Catherine Banks, the film begins with an awful lot of dude-ness and drinking and partying and rough play, but there was nonetheless a tenderness that came through the main character, just enough for me to hang on and stay tuned. I'm glad I did. By the film's end I understood that it was quiet poetic despite its rough & tumble attitude. Jaime's job clear-cutting a forest he cares about is obliviously very hard on him, but…

  • Games People Play

    Games People Play


    This Finnish version of The Big Chill is quite enjoyable for the first half, but then at some point the drama turns melodramatic and it just doesn't end. The film would definitely benefit from being a good 30 to 45 minutes shorter.

    The performances were all excellent, and the writing tended be very natural until the melodrama kicked in. I think the problem is that there were too many problems raised, involving the relationships between each character to each other.…