Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★½

August 20’ Scavenger Hunt (07 / 31)
PROMPT 11: Watch a film that is satirical.

I genuinely don't remember watching this despite spending years assuming I have. Maybe I did? Maybe I didn't pay attention the first time? I'm not going to act as if I understand everything - in many ways this film is set up to be interpreted however the audience would like to interpret the story. I like it more than I expected I would upon a 'rewatch'.

Given my love for the Gyllenhaal siblings, Drew Barrymore, and Jena Malone it came as no surprise that I loved the cast. Viewing it in 2020 though there are certainly many problematic moments with actions or poor dialogue choices. Overall this felt like a dark fairy tale and I enjoyed the journey it took me on.