One of the best and craziest movies of the year.

Bong Joon-ho created a masterpiece that deals with social and economic issues while also bringing a sentimental and deep layer within its family dynamics. Also found the discussion being kind because you can afford it vs being kind just because you’re a human being... really interesting! There’s so much i could say about this movie because it’s a clever thing to behold. So dark and yet not dark. So brilliant, but not brilliant to the point of pretentiousness. It’s just prefect as a written media and visual one. 

Its themes are universal and something everyone can learn from. Every inch of the earth faces social classes. Those who believe they are above others because of money and physical things they have and those who aren’t and instead rely on family and each other. These are topics that should be discussed and parasite expands on how important these issues are.

Should be nominated for every award, especially production:

The Entire neighborhood and “rich” house was built up from the ground!! Amazing achievement!

Parasite is why i love cinema.

Viewed at Atlanta Plaza.

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