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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

DISCLAIMER: i watched these as they came out every week but i put them all on the same review log because i’ll be watching the show multiple times!!!

EPISODE 1 & 2: so good omg.
EPISODE 3: omg. i just wish they’d released this all at once now i have to wait?!
EPISODE 4: every time a new episode comes out it gets better.
EPISODE 5: omg this was so good it really does keep on getting better and better with each episode. i feel so sorry for vision i love him sm and i just hope it works out for him in the end.
EPISODE 6: i’m so excited for more to see what happens next. i love vision so much and omg i wish these episodes were at least an hour long!
EPISODE 7: i would say i saw that coming but i really just didn’t know what to expect but i’m kind of scared now i hope vision and wanda are okay.
EPISODE 8: THE WAY I JUST CRIED THE WHOLE TIME. but this show is so fucking good i’m not ready for next weeks episode.
EPISODE 9: i finished it and i’m crying so much😭 i knew vision was going to die AGAIN and i’m so upset but wanda is so strong for doing that. BUT SHE LOOKS LIKE SUCH A BAD BITCH IN HER NEW OUTFIT YES!

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