my taste in film is a mess, but so is my life ✨

Favorite films

  • The Social Network
  • The Farewell
  • Interstellar
  • The Godfather

Recent activity

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  • Shiva Baby


  • The Royal Tenenbaums


  • Bo Burnham: Inside


Recent reviews

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    the dialogue stinks of toxic masculinity and the plot isn’t much better

  • Cruella



    my first time back in the cinema since covid 😭😭 I am so happy it was with performances from the queens that are Emma Stone and Emma Thompson and such amazing costumes and design. It was super fun. In love.

Popular reviews

  • The Laundromat

    The Laundromat


    It has “The Big Short” energy, but unfortunately the film falls flat. It has a promising and interesting cast — tbh the main reason I watched this was Meryl Streep — ultimately, it failed to capture my attention though.

  • 1917



    Yes I went to see this again at the cinema, and just seeing the night scenes alone on a huge screen again made it totally worth it. This film is beautiful, the score is incredible and even though this was my second viewing I was still on the edge of my seat.  I don’t think I could ever watch this film and feel indifferent.