The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★½

im bitter about the fact i've only just been able to watch this even though i've been dying to since last awards season. it was well worth the wait though.

i don't have to point out the pure genius of the cinematography. every single shot was beyond stunning. the attention to detail was insane, even down to someone in a bright pink shirt walking in a parking lot (towards a pink building) in the background of one shot.

the colour scheme is so different but works so incredibly well. despite the seriousness and the devastating reality of the situation, the colour palette reflected the youthfulness and the spirit of the characters.

the cinematography/camera work reminded me a lot of wes anderson in the way it was very still. that kind of shooting is fast becoming my favourite. there was so many shots that completely captivated me and i just LOVED that shot where the power went out and everyone slowly emerged from their rooms.

and can we talk about brooklynn prince? i just watched a video of her accepting an award for this role (which she 100% deserves) and she is a WOKE kid. she was simply fantastic. from the moment she was calling people thots from the balcony i knew she was a star.

the whole way through moonee seems completely not phased by anything. she is a kid who has made the absolute most out of the bare minimum. it's not hard to believe she has the world at her feet. then at the end the social worker(?) is talking to her and says it's only temporary and she asks 'what does that mean?' and you're like WAIT she's just a kid. and when she completely breaks down in front of her friend at the end you're reminded of how vulnerable and young she truly is.

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