American Honey

American Honey ★★★★★

I wanted to check this out for a while.For some reason,you either love or hate this movie.I can definitely say that I loved it.
Becycle Thieves was released in 1948.We still have to make movies in order to showcase the effects of proverty.That is just sad.
Keep in mind that right now,I am writing this review at 12 am,and I need some sleep.This movie deserves a way deeper review than the one I am about to write.Anyways,here are some first thoughts about American Honey:
Arnold documents this story in a very claustrophobic way.The camera is always close to the faces of the protagonists.The faces are always focused but the enviroments that surround them are not.These are characters that feel lost,they lack direction and the look of the movie communicates that perfectly.Another way to look at this movie is as a deconstruction of the american dream.It's pretty obvious but Kansas is believed by the characters to be a place where they can make their fortune.But Kansas is the hypocrisy of the american dream.These misfits are an trapped in the middle of the ocean that's filled with other's people's dreams.It's not about the pursuit of happiness.It is about the pursuit of money that people think brings happiness.But they are wrong.As stupid as that may sound,capitalism has made them lost their humanity.At the start of the film the main character was doing humiliating things and that continued until the movie's end.And nobody gave a shit.It's a deeply disturbing reality.It's brutal.It's scary.A whole race is on the road trying to find a purpose in life,but that never happens.
This is a really thought-provoking movie and my review is probably very shallow.I was amazed by the perfect way this was shot,acted and edited.Really close to a 10 in my opinion.

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