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nolan's weakest effort since insomnia.remember when pixar discovered that they can make the audience cry?and then they made inside out just to make people cry.well,nolan discovered that he can blow people's minds easily,so he just made a movie with the purpose of blowing people's minds.

the movie is filled with exposition.but the exposition is not delivered with subtlety or elegance it's just lazy.nolan's unique look into time of course needs to be explained but the way he writes dialogue here is so bad.the structure of this thing is:action scene,dialogue scene where characters explain wtf is going on,action scene,dialogue scene where characters explain wtf is going on etc.

characters get introduced,explain something and then they never return.branagh delivers a laughable perfomance,while washington and pattinson are great.but all of the characters are so bland.i honestly do not remember their names because the only thing they do is chase generic mucguffins and run around shooting people.they do not have a goal,they are very one dimensional and the villain's goal is just stupid.nolan never lets the characters feel like humans,we never get a change to understand who they are,because nolan is too busy explaining things to the audience or shooting an action scene.

the first act of this thing is a confusing sci-fi version of a 60's james bond film that for some reason take its self very seriously,the second act is a clever time travel movie and then the third one is an epic,yet chaotic battle sequence.it's three movies combined into one but the genre change doesn't feel smooth like in something like parasite.

and the movie is way too loud.quiet moments exist to make the loud ones more impactful.there are only two quiet moments in this thing.the characters never get a change to breath and the loud moments lose their power.goransson's score despite being pretty good also suffers from that.it is always loud.

but of course there are a lot of good stuff here.exceptional editing and cinematography,as expected from nolan.the action scenes are very impressive and wonderfully shot.the way nolan uses time is really creative here,especially in the second act.the whole thing is really fun to watch despite the movie being very flawed in my opinion.

overall tenet inovates the action genre through its excellent visual effects and breathtaking action sequences,but the story it is trying to say lacks the heart,the themes,the interesting characters and the emotion movies like memento,the dark knight,inception and interstellar had.and instead of the movie being mindblowing it's kind of confusing due to the annoying amount of exposition.

nolan forgot that it is better to reveal something visually instead of explaining it through lazy dialogue.tbh this is probably a classic that i just didn't understand,but when i was leaving the theater i almost cried.i am probably too dumb for nulan.writing this review was kind of hard because i already forgot almost everything about this movie.i was hyped as fuck for this and tenet being just a forgettable action movie hurts so fucking much.

i might rewatch it,but i do not want to go through 2 and a half hours of just exposition and explosions again.tenet is a good,enjoyable and at times a thrilling movie but it could have been so much more in my humble opinion.

anyway,watch this at theaters if you have the change because watching this in a big screen was great.form your own opinion about tenet,stay safe and wear your maskes.thank you for reading this :)

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