Tenet ★★★★

dr. nolan or: how i learned to stop worrying and love tenet

knowing what i was getting into and having no expectations made me fall in love with the movie.some issues i had with it are still here but i adored the movie this time around.

the exposition problem is still here and the characters are still not that interesting but the movie was definitely not confusing.what nolan does here is kind of genius.i can't expain why because i don't want to spoil the movie but goddamn that second half had me at the edge of my seat and it blew me away.

and i still didn't understand the whole thing.the fact that there is a 250 million dollars film that is that challenging is fascinating.and despite tenet lacking the emotion other nolan movies had,the action scenes kick so much ass.as a sci-fi spy action epic this thing was super fun to watch.

nolan here is very self-aware and he doesn't take the whole thing that seriously,so i didn't and i just had a blast.loved the concept,the action scenes,the cinematography,some aspects of the writing,the excellent practical and visual effects.i also love how nolan has become a better filmmaker here.with every movie he is becoming better which is very impressive.also love how he destroys airplanes just for his movies lol

yes tenet is kind of great.very immersive,super fun to watch,visually breathtaking,and the way nolan plays with time and creates his own unique,mindblowing world is very clever,as always.and no tenet is not forgettable.in fact the only think i was thinking about all day was this movie.also am i the only that could hear the dialogue perfectly fine?

i am so happy that i can finally say this.the motherfucker has done it again.sorry christopher.sorry for doubting you.

more blockbusters like this please.

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