The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Don't know what to write about this one.I have so many thoughts right now.Both positive and negative.I should start by saying that I didn't watched this just for Tom Holland.I already thought that he was a good actor,I like his spider-man.I just wanted to see this because the trailer looked kind of cool.I can't say that I was disappointed but I really wish I enjoyed this a lot more than I did.

This is definitely a film about religion.About the atrocities of religion. Religion becomes obsession,fear,the hypocrisy of religion. Religion used by people to justify crime,or religion leading to crime.But I felt like the movie didn't understand how complex the themes that it tried to explore are.As a result,the film feels like a puzzle with missing pieces. Missing pieces that are crucial.The movie is way too short to explore everything properly,but at the same time it feels way too long.The movie is 2 hours and 18 minutes long but for some reason it felt like Lawrence of Arabia(no disrespect to my boy Lawrence,it's one of my favs).The whole thing is a couple of short tv episodes choply connected though editing.The passing was all over the place.Not a single character in this feels three dimensional.The movie ended and I never felt connected with any of the characters.Yes with some of them that's the the point,but this could have easily been an excellent study of Tom Holland's character. It was a study of his character and it probably was a good one,but not an excellent one in my opinion.

Another thing that other users on this site already mentioned was the narration.Which was...not good.Netflix probably realised that dumb teenagers were going to watch this because of the great cast and then they added the narration so they can explain things to people like they are 5 year olds.I am a dumb teenager and I can assure that the narration was trully pointless.It turned the film into a book where the narration explained things that we could already see and feel.I don't think I am sure when I say that,but movies should respect the audience.That's what makes something like No Country For Old Men better than this.It was not only distracting,it was honestly unbearable in every way.

Now to the good things.I really liked the way the movie used violence. The dark and stunning cinematography combined with the hypnotic score created an atmosphere that really fitted the story.Campros definitely knows how to make his movie an experience filled with tension.An experience that was very impactful and effective.The production and costume design were very good,the soundtrack was smooth as fuck, and obviously the acting is amazing.The scene between Holland and Pattinson is the highlight of the film.Both give exceptional perfomances and seeing them act together was just a blast. Their perfomances is definitely the greatest aspect of the film,not that the other actors didn't knock it out of the park.

Overall,I liked this.It's kind of forgettable and weak in a lot of ways but it's also very well made and unique.I just wish the actors had a better script to work with.When The Devil All The Time is good,it's really good- but when it's bad,it's really bad.A very thought provoking film with flaws.Kind of a missed oppurtonity is you ask me.
Is it bad?No,certainly not.It is good?YES.Could it have been better?Unfortunately yes in my opinion.Looking forward to a rewatch.

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