Dunkirk ★★★★★

This film will never not affect me. While Call Me By Your Name was the film that got me into the film, this showed me what film could be. Never before had I seen a narrative manipulated in such a unique way. 
This film feels like a dream; it’s nightmarish but heavenly. Those moments when home is close; they’re euphoric and joyous. The moments when the soldiers are in war are hellish and intense. It's such an honest portrayal of terror and brotherhood.
Visually this film is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s artsy, atmospheric. Every (and i mean every) frame feels like a painting. It’s endlessly beautiful. I can't think of another film where every shot is captured in such a perfect and communicative way. The icy color scheme and abstract silence says so much.
The narrative is so arresting and immersive; every jump, scream, and bang settles in your soul. You feel it all. The slow ticking that lingers in every scene captures that minute-by-minute existentialism.
It's amazing that films like this exist.

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