Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

Johnson made a gorgeous film.

 The blood red of the planet Crait as nature seems to bleed for the rebellion, highlighting the death, despite practically very little actual death on the planet. The splitting of the light and dark, the starships, the lightsaber in Kylo and Rey’s equal strength. The freedom against the capitalism in the prison break, destruction of wealth and the release of the Fathiers (space race horses). The nun type ‘caretakers’ of the Ahch rule. The porgs are adorable, especially when Chewy is eating! Luke’s sense of humour after years of solitude, his parallel with Rey and Kylo. The unreliable narration of Luke and Kylo.  Luke’s Bear Grylls impression. Yoda’s lesson even to Luke to the true meaning of the force, ie the force doesn’t die with a person which is shown to us as Rey feels the balance on the island. Leia’s further connection to the force - yes why shouldn’t the daughter of Darth Vadar not have a stronger connection the force despite the space scene being ridiculous even in the eyes of someone who loves The Matrix, likes Gravity and am even ok with Independence Day.  

Not only was there beauty and balance but Johnson finally took dangerous steps towards a non conformist film in order to please fan masses. He defied blood legacy, emphasising the lack of importance blood relations really have - which I support totally, friends are family you choose and Finn really shows us that. Now the fact that in the Rise of Skywalker Adams decides to undo this message and return to a message of power and greatness being hereditary is bullshit. Seriously haven’t we learnt anything from muggleborn Hermione! How about Johnson’s set up allowing for a new villain or a further investigation into Kylo and Rey’s dark side instead of reviving a Snoke looking villain.

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