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  • Joker


    Honestly I was just bored.

    But all hail the very best character in the movie — the guy in the background who decided to bring a wicker lawn chair to a riot.

    Like, everyone else brought baseball bats and clubs and stuff, and then there's this one guy who's like "FUCK THE RULES! I GOT A CHAIR, YO!"

    Maybe he was worried that he wouldn't have a place to sit down? Anyways, that guy interested me. I wanted to know his story. I have a lot of questions about the guy who brought a wicker lawn chair to a riot.


  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    This wasn't the best thing I saw yesterday, but that's because the best thing I saw yesterday was my mom watching that Samuel L. Jackson scene from DEEP BLUE SEA — GvK of course features a similar moment, but my parents had never seen it so I pulled up the clip on YouTube for their edification.

    Mom jumped about a damn foot in the air. It was incredible.

    Anyways, love these good chonky bois, they had a real good battle, family fun for everyone who enjoys watching giant monsters destroy cities. Needed more kissing, though.