Cold War ★★★★

My 100th film logged on letterboxd! Tiny milestone I know, but i'm pretty happy.

Visual perfection. God I love this, like, really adored it. I didn't find it slow, I was quite surprised that the story's pretty straightforward and those time jumps even reminded me of Moonlight. But in a film as divisive as this, I totally understand the opposite opinion and people finding it empty (hell I even agree a bit).

Still, I can't help myself but fall into its lovely chilling spell. Can't help but admire its moments of pure beauty which I can only hope to experience. Because as doomed and flawed as these lovers may be, it can never change the brilliance of this artfully crafted ode to love and memory (this sounds so pretentious i'm so sorry).

It's the things we strongly hold unto. The things we eventually let ourselves end us.

It hits hard.

let's go to the other side. the view is better there.