Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★½

I turned 19 a few days ago and I felt this sudden rush to rewatch this lovely little film. I don't know why. But I did.

When I first watched this like a year ago, it was unclear to pin down why Lady Bird was so special to me. And I didn’t have letterboxd back then, didn’t really appreciate cinema compared to what it means to me now. Today I love movies on an entirely new level. You know, that whole "fiLmé lifestyle", a little pretentious sometimes.

Seeing it for the second time somewhat made things clearer. It strikingly captures that soaring feeling of wanting to live through something big. Gently resonates to people—maybe most likely those on the brink of young adulthood—that might feel trapped in a place, or in a quiet little town, wherever that may be. It’s like a love letter to suburban teendom. An ode to everyone coming into their age that feels they haven’t truly lived their lives yet. Because after all, don’t we all want to live through something?

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