Suspiria ★★★★½

I seriously can’t move on to watch another film and I feel like I’m gonna explode if I don’t write my ramblings and musings about this, so here goes. (I haven’t watched the original Suspiria yet but I promise I’ll get on to it.)

First off, what the fuck Luca Guadagnino? Please tell me you’ll make more of this.

Second off, calling this a nightmare is an understatement. But it’s not downright scary like for example Hereditary. Both movies excel in creating this ominous atmosphere that reeks of evil. This one though, while not as chilling or suspenseful – for the reason that we already know they’re witches from the first act that plots something wicked – is far more bloody and disturbing (and disgusting).

Suspiria is greater than most, yet it’s far from perfect. Most times it’s convoluted by trying to connect the outside events of divided Berlin involving terrorists and the life of Dr. Josef Klemperer to the insanity that swirls inside the dance company. One may argue that this is just full of shock tactics that uses gory, surreal imagery that mistakes style as substance. And I understand that kind of criticism. I get where it’s coming from. Also, those visual effects in the final act were… questionable. I mean, why? I force myself to be okay with it.

But despite all that, I still love this film. I was seemingly under a spell while watching this because its long runtime didn’t feel heavy and I even wanted more of it. Every act among the six, contained something remarkably horror. Olga’s unforgettable and excruciating dance, the dark dream sequences that creeps into your skin, the wicked unraveling as we fall deep into the witches’ secrets, the spell bounding Volk dance and that final act of pure dreadful shock. This is why I love psychological and paranormal horror.

Most importantly, I think one of the underlying theme that it tackles here - as common as it may seem - is the struggle for power. A competition of place to be among with the supreme. All happening in a time where a dark supernatural force is about to be rebirthed. And it was always about Susie. Her journey as she slowly become one with the soul of Mother Suspiriorum as she were destined to be since birth.

What a delight, Suspiria did not disappoint.

Last but not the least, Dakota Johnson is so fucking hot and adorable how the fuck does she manages to be both at the same time?

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