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  • The Batman
  • Cha Cha Real Smooth
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Top Gun: Maverick

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  • Prey



    🔙Avengers Endgame♻️🔙
    🔜Crimes of the Future🔜

    On the Great Plains in 1719, Naru, a fierce and highly skilled Comanche warrior, sets out to protect her people when an unknown danger threatens them. But the prey she’s stalking turns out to be a highly evolved alien predator with a technically advanced arsenal.

    Talk about a complete surprise that just came out of nowhere. This film is very simple but effective in it’s storytelling. It’s exactly what want out of something…

  • Thirteen Lives

    Thirteen Lives


    🔙Bullet Train🔙
    🔜Avengers Endgame♻️🔜

    A rescue mission is assembled in Thailand where a group of young boys and their soccer coach are trapped in a system of underground caves that are flooding.

    I remember when this was happening and how incredible it was to see these boys and their coach make it out. When it was happening there wasn’t much details on the rescue which makes sense now after watching this film. This story adapted well to a film…

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  • Luca



    Road-trip movie!

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    🔙Thirteen Lives🔙

    After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers must assemble once more in order to undo Thanos’ actions and restore order to the universe once and for all.

    The ultimate ending to a multi year saga that will be hard to replicate. This film had so much hype and it delivered. I remember being…

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  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    🔙Come and See🔙
    🔜Thirteen Lives🔜

    Unlucky assassin Ladybug is determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs gone off the rails. Fate, however, may have other plans, as Ladybug’s latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe—all with connected, yet conflicting, objectives.

    If there is one thing to take away from this film it’s the entertaining action and performances. Our cast is packed with excellence from Brad Pitt owning…

  • The Gray Man

    The Gray Man


    🔜Ant-Man and the Wasp♻️🔜

    When the CIA’s most skilled mercenary known as Court Gentry, aka Sierra Six, accidentally uncovers dark agency secrets, he becomes a primary target and is hunted around the world by psychopathic former colleague Lloyd Hansen and international assassins.

    While this may not be the best movie that Netflix has pumped out it’s still not the worst. I never got bored while watching this one as the action was big and entertaining and the story…