Carol ★★★★

A film told in moments, in glances and gestures, Carol is a sublime film. Lachman's camera moves so elegantly over its subjects, and looks so longingly, it is almost as if the camera were one of these two women, looking with grace and passion. I'm sure that it's a film that will get better with time and more revisits, but for now, I think I just need to let it sink in, it's something that needs to be absorbed and experienced. It's wonderful and tragic, lovely and infuriating. I almost wish it were a three hour film; I could've easily watched it for another hour, and it felt rushed at times, despite the grace and patience it exhibited. I'll definitely be back to watch it again, but let me just end by saying that Cate Blanchett's performance is so nuanced and full of life, reserved and exclamatory, each when it is called for. This is also in part due to Haynes' direction and the compositions, but Blanchett conveys more in a glance or a gesture, such as a hand on a shoulder, than most can do in an entire film. She's simply wonderful. Carol is wonderful.

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