Favorite films

  • Reaching for the Moon
  • The Hours
  • With Every Heartbeat
  • Dirty Computer

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  • Tove


  • Maria Schneider, 1983


  • A Wild Patience Has Taken Me Here


  • Chronicle of a Summer


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  • Tove



    merci pour les lettres, toutes les lettres.
    rien n'est vraiment pareil sans zotte.

    moomin and dragon kissing in a tree.

    to be an artist, love an artist.

    I want to live in every stage of her apartment.
    where can I get the emerald silky blanket, and the women too?


  • Maria Schneider, 1983

    Maria Schneider, 1983


    again and again and again and again, til we meet again.
    time goes on but noting really changes.

Popular reviews

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    my house my rules my coffee. 
    in my case my house my rules my glass of water. I don’t drink coffee. I’m different. (jk) 

    love to see my girl toni collette.  

    Pinocchio : My nose grows when I lie. 
    Marta : watch me bitch! 

    In conclusion : 
    Eat the rich!

  • Passing



    beautifully heartbreaking. 

    pretending to be, forgetting being, missing being, wanting to be. to the point where you’re questioning if by any chance all the pretend was worth the so called freedom you were seeking at the time. it’s like walking into another cage, but with more windows.