Skyfall ★★★★

Bond has never looked so good, thank you Sir Roger Deakins.

It's really night and day when comparing this to Quantum of Solace. The way it's shot, the action and editing, the villian and the personal stakes; all of it makes Skyfall miles better. The real comparison is between Casino Royale and Skyfall. Both are solid action flicks with great performances and engaging stories, setting the gold (finger) standard for Bond.

Upon rewatch, I can definitely say I remember a lot more from Skyfall and that is due to two men: the aforementioned Roger Deakins and Javier Bardem. The colour and lighting by Deakins is spectacular as always, with iconic silhouette shots, striking colours, and memorable setpieces. In terms of Javier Bardem, his performance is amazing; I remembered every scene he was in like I watched it yesterday. As much as I love Mads, Bardem's villain wins out.

Casino Royale had more wit and charm though, and saw Bond open up despite his ego and better intentions. In contrast, Bond is a broken man in Skyfall, but I feel they don't really dive into that aspect even with the background of his childhood at play. There's more introspection and growth and eventual regression in Bond's character Casino Royale, which is why I think the character work is better in Casino Royale.

Both the opening and ending is better in Casino Royale as well, even if the ending goes on a little long to throw in the last heartbreaking twist. But I think the opening credits of Skyfall and Adele song is better.

I don't know there's a lot of different aspects at play, and they're both great Bond movies. I did remember more of Skyfall due to Deakins and Bardem, but I think the character work and story might be better in Casino Royale.

I'd say this time around I favour Casino Royale, but then I'm reminded of the scene where Bond sucks Vesper's fingers. I get what they were trying to do, but that wasn't it.

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