A former film fan adjusting to the realities of paying the bills and the mercurial nature of appreciation and enthusiasm

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  • Baby Done

    Baby Done


    Great little kiwi classic ! Plenty of freshness and positivity

  • Babe



    A childhood flick with superb animation, animal training and score/cinematic inventiveness. Unquestionably against the modern farming system and role regulation people place upon ourselves.

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  • Django



    Holy Fuck! If there is a cooler film than this I'd be gobsmacked (If any I'd suspect the French, 'Here's lookin at u Melville'). I don't think the film could have been more tailor made for entertaining me with the blending of the bloody Italian horror aesthetic and western genre that I've slowly begun to become familiar with. I do seriously think that my learners knowledge of 30-40-50s westerns and Italian film played a seriously big part in appreciating it…

  • The Hairdresser's Husband

    The Hairdresser's Husband


    What a charming movie! I'm not too sure if the ending completely slots tonally together but it certainly reigns in the self-indulgent fanciful quality the film presents, definitely left me thinking about it. It's also a suggestively erotic movie that was surprisingly tactfully handled capturing adolescence in an interesting manner that was definitely more humorous than a compadre like Malena. Despite what could be seen as unambitious with the film for the most part playing it pretty straight, concealed with…